Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

We had a very nice weekend - I was sad it had to end! Saturday we took Alayna to the park and had lots of fun going down the slide and swinging. We met up with Brad's siblings and their families. The guys went fishing and the ladies took the little ones to the pool for a few hours. What a gorgeous day!

We sat on the deck at Westwood for supper and the guys took the kids on the boat for a cruise. They were bummed they didn't catch any fish so they went back out while we listened to a band play on the beach. Alayna was tuckered out and we were ready to go home and unwind. We finally watched the Bucket List - good flick.

Father's day.....another perfect day out. We had brunch with my grandpa and family then cruised over to Ma & Pa Hawker's. The puppies greeted Alayna with kisses and Sr gave her an ice cream cone which she devoured. My dad ran a 4 mile race in Mountain Lake for Pow Wow days. He excitedly reported that he was in the top half, won his age group and ran it 3 minutes faster than last year. Impressive for a 62-year-old. I was pretty proud of my pops!

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vickie said...

What a great way to share info and photos! Looking forward to more updates.
You guys are so fortunate to live near both families! Vickie