Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mid October - can that be right?

Harvest time is so enjoyable with lots of fall outdoor activities, football, yummy food, apple cider, beautiful leaves and so on. How can you NOT just love it?! I think people really appreciate this time of year with the exception of perhaps the fact that it is also during a hot election. In my opinion it is getting annoying but then again it will soon be on to the next stage so I'll take it for what it is. Sorry got a little side tracked there, LOL. It is also an exciting time as one friend just had a baby boy, two of Brad's cousins had baby boys and I have a friend who is due on Halloween! So congrats to you all and we wish you all the best. :-)

Ok so this is Brad's weekend off so we had a full day. This morning we went to Snell to take part in some fun activities where Alayna painted a pumpkin, put together a winter survival kit and got a Kung Fu panda book and stuffed animal. Local law enforcement officials volunteered for the event and offered free carseat installation which my parents signed up for. I went to a baby shower while Brad and Alayna hung out. After her nap we went to Pumpkinland and she had a great time looking at animals, playing games and exploring. We met up with friends for supper and are now relaxing and wishing tomorrow wasn't Sunday already. This month is going so fast!

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