Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The rest of July!

We have been quite busy since we got back from our vacation.
13th – Moondogs game

14th – Celebrated our wedding anniversary……….9 years!
15th – SB in North Mankato @ 8:15
16th – Went to Grandpa’s to see baby pigs and had BLT’s for supper. It was a gorgeous night. We watched Brad’s SB game in Lake Crystal @ 7:30 and then went home to eat ice cream and watch the Twins.
17th – Took Alayna to Eagle Lake for Tator Days parade. We grilled, watched parade at our friends house and went swimming in their pool. Alayna had such a good time. We didn’t even make it out of Eagle Lake and she was out. I took Brad some supper as he had to worked 6:30-6:30 all weekend.

18th – Went to my aunt & uncle’s cabin on Duck Lake to celebrate July birthdays in the Rollings family.

20th – Had another ultrasound of our baby girl!! She is really filling out and was a bit shy at first. Then she yawned a couple times and did some fun movements. We really enjoyed it and makes us that much more anxious to see her!
21st – Our nephew, Hayden’s 5th bday! We stopped by to visit and drop off a gift since Alayna and Brad won’t be able to make it to party. Then played VB at 7:15
22nd – Grandma & Grandpa picked up Alayna for a 4-day camping trip. We bought a few things to redo Alayna’s room and make a playroom downstairs. Brad had SB game at 7:15
23rd – Cleaned and got room ready. Brad is on 12’s from today until next Friday the 30th L
24th – Got up early and painted Alayna’s room. Rearranged downstairs and made a corner into a playroom. This gave me a good chance to pull out all baby stuff (0-6 mth clothes, blankets, etc) and make it accessible for when we start to get that stuff organized. I went to Hayden’s birthday at Bray park. It was a beautiful day for it but I felt so weird without Alayna! I know she would have had a good time and Brad would’ve enjoyed going fishing. Made a nice supper for Brad and then he put together her new bed and headboard. We stayed up until midnight working on it but had fun!
25th – Finished up room and my parents dropped Alayna off at about 5pm. YAY!!! She had a blast and told me all about how she rode her bike, went swimming, went for a hayride, made a craft, played with dinosaurs at Science Museum (it rained so they had to find an indoor activity) and on and on! The past couple summers our family camps in Hazleton, IA along with family from Peoria, IL. It is a nice halfway point for both! My cousin has two girls, Belle & Anna so they played together and had fun. Oh yea, she thought her playroom was pretty cool and LOVES her room. It was fun to see her expression

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