Saturday, July 3, 2010

Super Bradley!

I am really blessed to have such an awesome husband! Brad put in several hours cutting up trees at my folks and cut down a tree that had fallen in his grandparent's back yard. Then while my dad mowed our lawn on Tuesday he trimmed and got a lot done at our house. He was also very supportive to his mom and grandma during the week and helping out when can. He was very busy during the days off for bereavement and didn't rest too much.

Thursday was his day with Alayna. He took her out for a big breakfast at Perkins, met his siblings at Drummer's to pick out flowers (where she was naughty and didn't listen), then to Songs on the Lawn (music and food in Mankato), got the oil changed and gave car a bath and then went swimming! It was a busy day but she did really well minus the incident at Drummer's and he loved just being with her. Later that night, we went to his Grandma's for a grill out and then his softball game. He can do it all!

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