Monday, January 17, 2011

Ladies night

Last Friday I had planned a ladies night with some girlfriends while Bradley was up north fishing and kids stayed at grandma & grandpa's (first time they had both overnight).

Since I am well past the "let's go downtown and party till 2am" mode (did PLENTY of that from about 20-25 years of age, haha) I was so excited to have a nice low key night munching on snacks, enjoying a cocktail or two and gabbing with my friends. Good plan right? Well, at noon on Friday I had 13 girls who RSVP'd and then at 5 pm I was down to 3 due to being sick, change of plans, sick kids, husbands working late, you name it. Total bummer!

I had so much food and drinks and the ladies that came even brought food. It was a great time tho ~ we laughed a lot and did the usual silly husband stories, kid bragging and discussion of our general frustrations as women. I have to admit tho it was weird having the whole house to myself after my friends was NICE but weird.

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Selly said...

I feel bad that I missed! I'm still battling with this stupid headache!