Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last weekend

Breakfast at the Wagon Wheel in Mankato! The waitress gave Alayna 2 quarters and she got to play the mini jukebox thingys (not sure what they are called) that were at our booth. The cafe is definitely 70's decor and all but I absolutely love it as it is COVERED in Twins memorabilia as well.

Never too early for spring cleaning is it? Spent Saturday going through things and cleaning up our basement and room above our garage. It was much needed and looked great afterwards. The best part was I did it to surprise Brad. His comment when he got home was "Are ya trying to kill yourself?" because there were some heavy items I moved from upstairs. Thankfully my parents came out to assist me either by watching the girls, help go through clothes, move the bed, etc.

Sunday we had church, Sunday school and then came home to get stuff ready for Brad's family to come over. The original plan was to go sledding but some thought it was too cold so we didn't....bummer! We had a nice visit, snacked, kids played and we did our gift exchange. Everyone was there except Brad's mom.

Great weekend!

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