Sunday, January 23, 2011

My how things change!

When watching Alayna at gymnastics the other night I happened to look across the room of other parents who were watching their little "tumbling tots" and noticed a few familiar faces. I saw 3 guys that I used to either play volleyball with or against and I had to chuckle when I quickly thought "wow things have changed". In wasn't too long ago when we would be playing VB 2-3 nights a week then going out for a few beers and now here we are watching our little preschoolers.

As we were getting ready a little girl was staring at Kalyse in her carseat (as little kids do) and we could tell her dad was getting impatient as he wanted to go. Then another little girl came up and peaked inside and he said ok girls lets go to which they completely ignored him. Finally he said, "Alayna, Arianna lets go!" Brad & I both looked up and said what? Brad asked what his girls names were and he said this is Alayna and this is Arianna. OMG, we both laughed. Then Brad said while pointing to us, "This is my Alayna & Ariane". It was too funny and ODD!

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