Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pig camera

On Saturday, I picked up my bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding and then picked up the girls from grandma & grandpa's. My dad recently installed a wireless camera in his farrowing house so he could monitor from a TV in the house. It works pretty slick and Alayna was keeping an eye on a sow that was ready to have piglets. Nothing yet! she reported then I walked in their office to check it out. It took a while for my eyes to focus in and make out what was on the screen and then out came a pig! Alayna was pretty excited and kept a close eye to see if others were coming to tell grandpa. He went outside to check on the sow and really appreciates the camera. In the past he would get up at all hours of the night, bundle up and go out in the cold to check the pigs but now he can just look at the TV screen.........gotta love technology!

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