Monday, July 11, 2011

July 4th weekend

I think July 4th is one of my favorite holidays! It isn't too commercialized and crazy like Christmas yet it involves gather family, seeing friends and celebrating all teh great blessings we have. I had relatives here from IL so we had supper with them at my parents and Alayna had fun playing with Ana & Belle. Brad had to work Saturday. We visited my Uncle Lee & Aunt Zada Brad took Alayna fishing when he got home and then we went to Indian Island Winery for supper. It was nice to enjoy music on the patio while the girls had a place to run around.

Brad worked Sunday but I took Alayna fishing at Mills Lake which is across the highway from my parents. I have so many fond memories of going fishing with my grandma over there. Then we went home and to my boss' house to check out his John Deere tractor collection. We had a great meal, fun conversation then took a spin on a hay wagon. The highlight was probably watching my dad & Alayna drive the tractors around the yard. Good times but they were not over! We then cruised to meet my co-worker on Lake Washinton to watch the fireworks. It was nice but the girls were pretty tired at 10:30 so we went back in and went home.

We went to the St. Peter Parade on the 4th and enjoyed pork chop on a stick plus other food. Alayna got to ride some ponies and a little train. We went home for nap then over to Brad's sister's in Eagle Lake for a grill out and the kids had a great time playing with the slip in slide and pool. The "big kids" had a huge water fight. It was a blast! We drove to St. Peter to watch the fireworks and then home to bed. Wonderful weekend!!!! Again, pics to come :)

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