Monday, August 8, 2011


This seems to be the only time I can get a good pic! The other times she is either trying to eat the camera or she scoots around so fast that I get the back of her head haha.

Kalyse is 10 months old today!

  • Super chatty and LOUD

  • Using sippy cup more

  • Claps, gives high fives, waves and does "so big", shakes head "no"

  • Has a bit of an attitude...why not? The rest of the ladies in the household do!

  • Super smiley and silly

  • Walks behind push toy

  • Stands up from sitting and still walks along things. No walking on own but we are totally ok with that

  • Into everything and SUCH a little stinker!

  • Excellent eater. Just recently gave her avocado, wild rice, scrambled eggs, veggies, fruit, cheese, etc. She will eat most everything that you give her.

  • Has 8 teeth

  • Tries to crawl up things like her pack-n-play. Yep a little monkey

  • Likes to play on keyboards

  • Loves being in water. She kicks her legs in the pool and has so much fun splashing.

  • Follows big sister around

  • Gives kisses...well she basically leans forward with her mouth open which is really cute until she chomps down on your cheek with those sharp teeth!

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