Monday, September 5, 2011

Pics from the MN State Fair

Another fabulous time at the great MN get-together! This year we stayed from Sunday to Tuesday and the girls stayed until Thursday. We stay in my parents camper which is parked directly behind the swine barn. It is nice to enjoy the fair in a few days but we sure walk a lot during those days which is probably a good thing. I don't even want to know the amount of calories we consume! The weather was ideal and the girls did great.

Alayna just got a "cowgirl" hat and wanted to pet this horse. This kind gentleman said of course and invited her to sit on the horse with him. She was in heaven! Here she is in her cowgirl boots and hat. She just got a leather belt with her name on it too but you can't see it.

Alayna helped spray down the pigs and "drive" them from the wash racks to the pens. She had boots on and whip in hand. We all loved to see the enthusiasm but she really surprised us when she said she wanted to show one. One of the gilts had been shown quite a bit so here she is practicing the night before the show (grandpa & daddy there to help). At one point several people were standing there watching and snapping pics like the paparazzi! It was cute.

Shorts and cowgirl boots.

Here she is standing by the boar sporting her cowgirl attire. The belt buckle she is wearing is a spot pig. It was one of my grandpa's! Alayna showed her gilt in a class of 3 and got 2nd place. Daddy went in with her and we all thought she did so well for only being 4! It is important to us that it was her choice which it was and she had so much fun. She keeps telling me she can't wait to be 5 so she can show by herself. We'll see about that tho as things may change but we enjoyed seeing her get so involved.

Daddy & his girls

Miss Kalyse - she kept us ALL on our toes and is to that age where she wants to be a part of everything! Thank goodness for the pack n play. It was nice to put her in there so she could play and have some space.

Hayden, Austin, Alayna & Makynna - rides with her cousins. Sunday afternoon we met up with Brad's sister & brother's families. The kids had fun going on rides. Alayna went on rides every day. Her favorites were the bumper boats, spinny balloons, mini power tower (shown here in this pic which raises them ~30 feet and drops them), race cars, swings, yea pretty much all of them.

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