Saturday, October 1, 2011

Flavors of Fall

I think this is one of my favorite times of the year. Combines and field work, pumpkin patches, fall colors, cool air, layers of clothing and scarves, apple crisp, football and volleyball, Halloween costume making and basically squeezing in enough outdoor time as possible before the snow flies. Today I took the girls to see my cousin Becky at a craft show in New Ulm and rode horse at my friend's house. When Brad got home we hiked at Minneopa which we ALL really enjoyed. It was a perfect day!

Alayna: Loving preschool and dance as well as hanging out with her friend Mackenzie (neighbor) but has meltdowns when each one has to go home. She is such a sponge and we like her creativity and imagination. She is so sweet & awesome big sister. This last week she took her friend Dakota to buddy night, played at the park then went to buddy night with Mackenzie. She was a rockstar and showed us all the moves she learned.
Kalyse: Walking. Oh yea, watch out world little Kalyse is on the move! She turns 1 on the 8th so I will be sure to update more at that time.
Brad: Played his last fall SB game last Thursday. Baltics season ended last Sat after a tournament in Arlington on the 17th & game at the ArfWalk on the 24th. He is working lots of 10's & 12's and sounds like it will be that way for a way due to winterization projects. He practices Alayna's dance routines with her which is so cute and plays a human bridge as Kalyse crawls under and around him. He is an awesome dad!
Me: Would rather play outside then get housework done which is why the place is a disaster! I really need to spend a day cleaning out closets and doing a clean sweep. Being Baltics coordinator was sure fun this summer and I thought I would get a break but got an email that vintage coordinators of teams in MN want a meeting mid November. Wow! Nothing like keeping the ball rolling but that is a good sign for growth so we are all for it. Sunday School is going well and work is busy as usual. I'm looking forward to winter volleyball too!

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