Saturday, September 6, 2008

17 months old

The ladies night out was so much fun. We had supper and then cruised over to Morgan Creek (local vineyard) where we sampled wines and listened to a pianist. It was relaxing to enjoy a glass of wine and have some "girl time" with friends, Kala and Sheri. We then stopped by the big town of Searles for a drink which was interesting to say the least. Brad is fishing today and Alayna and I spent the morning in town. She is napping and we may go to the Rock Bend festival in St. Peter this afternoon/evening.

Alayna is 17 months now and seems so grown up sometimes. As I have enjoyed every stage this seems to be quite comical such as finding the DVD remote in my purse or watching her dance to her favorite song. She is quite the character but usually shy around people at first. She likes to help out with stuff around the house and has no problem entertaining herself. She is learning so much, saying words, flips through books and points out objects. She definitely wants to be independent so we are coming into that part of the stage as well which can be challenging because she has her mom's hot latina temper. By saying that I mean she is pretty mellow and goes with the flow but when she gets upset ---- watch out! She gets over stuff quickly however so no full blown temper tantrums yet but I know they are going to happen. :-) Good times

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