Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baseball & Fishing = Minnesota Good Times

Since Brad only gets 1 weekend off a month you would think that he would want to sleep in but noooooooo he got up at 5:00am! For those of you who may not know Brad very well, he isn't so much an early bird. For example, we live 2 miles from his job and he barely punches in 1 minute before 6:30 but I know getting up for work is different than getting up for fun. It was all for a good cause though to go fishing with his Dad and brother-in-law, Nikko. :-) Sounds like they had a great time catching northerns and bass on Lake Minnetonka. Alayna is an early riser like me so we hit up the Farmer's Market and walked a nearby trail. I got some work done while she napped and then we spent the afternoon outside in the sun. I made beef chow mein and she absolutely loved it not to mention the grape tomatoes and avocadoes on the side (I know kind a weird combination). Last night I was lazy and picked up KFC and we were surprised when she scooped her spoon into the coleslaw and wanted seconds.

Oh yea here are is a pic from the Twins game when they beat the Sox (game 1). Our friends Tim and Amber joined us for a fun night! What a series.........

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