Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Only Wednesday?

This week has been full of ups and downs and it is only Wednesday! Usually my box of greeting cards is fully stocked but I am running low on symphathy and get well cards and the fun ones are collecting dust.

I have two prayer requests: one for my uncle Lee and the other for grandpa Krummel (Brad's side) who have been hospitalized this week. Although life can really stink sometime we are thankful for the things we have (job, roof over our head, health, etc) and more importantly our loved ones and lasting friendships.

On a lighter note, I am looking forward to mailing out some baby cards in the next couple weeks as well as 2 wedding cards so then my box should be balanced again! I would love for the next 2 days to fly by so we can enjoy the weekend. Brad has the weekend off and is going fishing with the guys and we're heading to the Scarecrow festival at Emma Krumbee's on Sunday. I think Alayna will love it. . .oh yea I am looking forward to it too!

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