Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last nice day of fall?

I hope not but since it was so nice we were outside A LOT! We watched Grandpa Hugh run the Halloween 5K race in St. Peter this morning and spent time at the Tremendous Tree playground by the rec center. We took tuna hotdish to Brad at work. He has to work 12's (6:30-6:30) this weekend which sucks. We played outside with the pups until Hunter came running up to Alayna and dropped a live snake in front of her. Not cool! We came inside and the dogs took turns throwing it up in the air and pawing at it.......ick. We ran some errands in Mankato and ordered a pizza. We had time to kill so we went to a playground in Kato and had fun playing in the leaves. It may look like Alayna wears the same stuff all the time but honestly it is the only winter stuff we have. I know, I am in denial! I guess we'll have to go shopping for some winter gear. :-(

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