Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter is here!

Tomorrow should be an interesting drive in 1. Because the roads will be slick, 2. Because I will be driving Brad's car. Times like this is when I really like having our Jeep because 1.You are up high, 2. Four-wheel drive, 3. It just feels safe! Unfortunately we had a missing sippy cup that was found under one of the seats. Unfortunatley it just happened to be half full of milk since the other half spilled. I tried everything to get the smell out but it then turned into a combination of spoiled milk, mildew and carpet cleaner. I couldn't open the door without gagging so I put in some vanilla air fresheners.........delightful! Ugh, the smell of spoiled milk and vanilla air freshener is atrocious so my jeep is getting a shampoo and winterization hence the reason I am driving Bradley's Malibu.

So as for the snow I guess I don't mind it. Alayna thinks it is pretty cool and we are excited when we will have enough to take her sledding down our hill. I should probably purchase some snowpants one of these days so I can be prepared!

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