Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday was an interesting one.....

Went in to wake Alayna up and found her sleeping in vomit (combination of pizza & raisins). She stood up, said "morning mommy", pointed at the mess and said "ick". Poor thing I felt so bad for her! I threw the sheets in the wash, rubbed down her crib, put her in the bath while texting a couple co-workers to tell them I would be late. Our daycare provider said to wait a couple hours and if she hadn't thrown up we could bring her in. Alayna played and was silly with no temp so I called Erica to make sure it was ok to bring her as I didn't want to take her there if she was going to throw up again.

On my way, I got pulled over....busted for going 42 in a 30 and not wearing a seatbelt. Mr. PO-PO gave me a warning on the speeding but a ticket for no seatbelt (in case you are curious the fine for that is $105). Karma I guess because I always harp on Brad for not wearing a seatbelt so needless to say I didn't get much sympathy from him. Anyway, I finally got to work and was sharing my 1st experience of getting pulled over and ticketed when Erica called and said Alayna threw up again. Off I went to the store for Pedialyte and to pick up Alayna. She was definitely not feeling well yesterday but seems good today. I did go back to work for a little bit and almost hit a deer which would have definitely topped off the day! Whew but then I came home to find the laundry started, living room picked up and dishes put away which was so nice of Bradley.

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