Tuesday, December 9, 2008

20 months

Two things we learned on Friday night, Alayna doesn’t care for Santa but likes hockey She went to 7 MSU games last season and this is the first one this season. We went to see Santa at my mom’s office before the game and the kids made cookies too.

On Monday morning I noticed Alayna’s diaper was dry so after she had her morning cup of Pediasure I asked if she wanted to go potty. She ran in the bathroom, undressed and started taking off her diaper and I set her up on the toilet. She had to hold on to my shoulders otherwise she would have fallen in but then I heard a little tinkle, tinkle! YEA!!! We have a fun potty that is her size that she played with last night and this morning I asked if she wanted to go in her potty. She ran in the bathroom and went potty in her seat which she thought was pretty cool. I know we have a ways to go with the whole potty training but it is a start!

She is also asking “Why?” to things, so we offer a brief explanation and ask her “ok?” then she responds by saying “ok”. So far she doesn’t ask it over and over but I am sure that will come! Her favorite word is still “no” but has learned quite a lot of words and is putting them together too. She likes to do things herself and will definitely let you know if she wants something. When she really gets frustrated she’ll run at throw herself on the floor. Brad and I have to hold back from laughing but when we start then she starts laughing at us so maybe it isn’t such a bad thing.

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