Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

The whole week I was thinking Brad might have the weekend off so you can imagine how bummed I was when he told me he had to work both Sat and Sun. I think I was so disappointed because the forecast looked awesome and we had the opportunity to camp in Pelican Rapids plus visit Brad's sister's and brother's families who were vacationing in Detroit Lakes. Even though he had to work we had a great time doing other things!

Friday night - Ran a couple errands, noticed there were rides in front of the Madison East mall so we stopped to take Alayna on some and picked up Chinese for supper.

Saturday - Alayna & I played outside and got the pool out since it was so warm. Once Brad got home we headed to Valleyfair ~ had a blast! We hit the water park first and spent the rest of the time on the rides. She loved it.
Sunday - We super cleaned and got a bunch of stuff done around the house. Brad and I watched a movie and stayed up for the whole thing!

Monday - Daddy slept in and then we went to MN zoo. It was a beautiful day out! Then came home and sat outside while Alayna played in her pool. Grilled Turkey Mignon and beans plus chopped up some mangos to put on ice cream. Delightful day!

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