Monday, June 21, 2010

Dad's condition

It has been a while since I have posted any news about my dad's skin condition. Since the last time I wrote, he had decided to try the docs at Mayo and has made multiple trips to Rochester having several tests done and numerous doctors trying to figure it out. The dermatologist in Mankato said it was Sweet Syndrome, Rochester has said it is everything from Rosacea to a yeast infection to sarcodial granuloma. They even brought in a specialist who is doing research for a book to look over my dad. All this to me, means that they still have absolutely NO clue.

From what the last diagnosis says, he should be having fever and trouble breathing which would show up on the blood tests (lymphoma, leukemia, etc( and chest X-rays however nothing has come up unusual except a possible protein secretion through folicles but they aren't certain what is causing it. The bumps on his face have cleared up but other bumps have not gone away. Last Friday, my mom went with him to Rochester for a bone marrow biopsy and they go back down this Friday to learn results. I think they have run out of tests to conduct so hopefully this will give them some answers!

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