Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My favorite month

August is by far my favorite month and it is the one that goes the quickest! We had our last VB game; we ended up taking 4th place in division 2. Brad finished the summer softball league in Mankato and still plays on Friday nights in Lake Crystal. The last couple Fridays have been perfect weather-wise to watch ball and they won both games. He manages a fall softball team and that will start in a few weeks as well.

National Night Out in Mankato was celebrated last week. Alayna and I visited my Grandpa at his assisted living facility, Laurel's Edge. They had a band, water dunk tank, hotdogs, ice cream and game for kids. Alayna got to pick a rubber duck out of water and she won the grand prize which was $2 and a rice crispy bar but I think she was more excited to get the balloon, haha. She also loved watching the belly dancers and has been practicing her "belly shake".

Friday night we celebrated my parents 40th wedding anniversary by enjoying a meal on the patio at the new Indian Island winery which is close to Smiths Mill/Janesville. We had a great time and looking forward to getting out there again soon. I would loved to have a glass of wine but instead got to drool over it and scope out the kinds I could get when I am not pregnant, hehe.

Brad had last weekend off and we had a great time doing not much of anything but a trip to the Farmer's Market, an engagement party for my cousin, breakfast at the Dam and playing in the pool/sprinkler.

This week we have my company summer party on Friday and probably going to scope out the Nicollet County Fair on Saturday.

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