Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Train Ride: Aug 12th

The Union Pacific Railroad sponsored a train ride as part of Safety Day to teach citizens about railroad safety so my dad took Alayna. They boarded the train in Mankato off of 3rd Avenue and rode to Ottawa and back. They drove past our house and right by the tracks in front of Unimin so Alayna and daddy could wave at each other! My dad said the train was quite nice, spacious and about 60 degrees which was great since it was about 88 outside. Then he took her to check on the pigs at the Nicollet County Fair and grab a bite to eat. She was really excited to show us her railroad keychain and tell us how silly her and grandpa were. She had a great time!
Grandpa & Alayna

Brad took this pic with his phone as the train went past

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