Monday, November 29, 2010


I took the girls to a local floral shop on Saturday morning so they could get pictures with Santa, hear a story and do a craft. We got there at 10:05 and our number was 75! The event started at 10am so I couldn't believe it was that crazy and they were only on number 30 for the pic. We listened to a bunch of stories, Alayna colored, walked around the store and then watched as parents plopped their kids on Santa's lap. Some little ones were excited and others were absolutely horrified! I couldn't believe how many parents worked and strained (most of the time pleading or bribing) to get their kids to take that perfect holiday photo with Santa. Alayna stared and then looked up and said, "Mom, I don't need a picture with Santa. We can go." I asked if she was certain and at the hint of a nod yes we were packing up and out the door! She's never been fond of Santa much to the way I am with clowns, haha. So we took off and went to a craft show/bake sale where we bought some goodies then had lunch with my mom........way better than Santa!

Sunday the 21st was the Hawker Thanksgiving at Brad's sister's house in Eagle Lake. Full house and full belly! We definitely didn't leave hungry or without leftovers and his mom's peanut butter star cookies. It's nice to be able to enjoy spending time with the Hawker's one day and Belgard's a different day instead of trying to do it all in one!

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