Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wednesday the girls spent the day at Grandma & Grandpa's. Kalyse did her normal routine of eat, sleep, dirty diaper, play and repeat while Alayna baked cookies with Grandma then played outside with Grandpa as well as checking out the pigs of course. I don't think Alayna was quite herself yet tho as she didn't spend much time outside. Brad did a lot around the house and even went on our roof and shoveled off snow. When I got home from work we went out to pick them up and enjoyed a spaghetti supper!

The next day I took the girls to daycare and Brad had a nice day to himself! He ran some errands in Kato and passed my parents on the road then called us all to have lunch. We ate at Patrick's in St. Peter and it was really nice to enjoy a meal with no kids! Later at work I received a call from Erica (daycare provider) that she was certain Kalyse had thrush. Brad called clinic and they said its best to bring her in because her mouth could be irritated by sores & could possibly cause her not eat. After work, I picked up the girls, got Brad from home and we headed to Urgent Care. Yep, she had it on inside of both cheeks and tongue so the doc gave us a prescrip to put 1ml inside each cheek and massage which Brad does. We are glad Erica saw that otherwise we probably would not have noticed it!

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