Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's day party

Alayna had her very first Valentine's day party at preschool. She brought home her projects and a huge bag of valentines/candy. She proudly pulled each valentine out and we read the name on each one. The first 5 were boys and daddy quickly asked if she got any from the girls in her class. Oh boy, will he have a hard time down the road! He is very protective of his peanut. I can even tell that no one will be good enough for her haha. Someone once said that it is probably good that Bradley shaves his head because his daughters will give him lots of gray hair (prob his wife too)! During this past week when Alayna's been sick all she wants is daddy and she curls up in his lap. It's very cute and I love seeing that! My girlfriends in high school always called him "Mama Hawker" when we'd go out without the guys because he wanted to make sure I was taken care of. I see that a lot in him with his girls now.

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