Saturday, March 12, 2011

Children's Museum

Last Saturday, Brad worked from 2:30am-6:30am AND it was his weekend OFF!!! Not too happy about that but totally not surprising. We took Kalyse to my parents and I drove to the cities while he slept. We spent most of the day at the Children's Museum in St. Paul and had a great time! I dropped Brad & Alayna off at home so they could take naps and I went shopping in Mankato then picked up Kalyse. We rented Megamind........loved it!

Sunday we had a nice family day and had supper at my parent's. My dad just got back from a pig show in Texas. He enjoyed the warm weather and being around a couple young guys that eat and breathe raising pigs. It was great to hear that he had such a fun time! Brad and I went to the movie, Hall Pass. Funny flick then back to the madness on Monday.

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