Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sips of History

Last Friday night, we got a sitter and the hubby and I went out on the town. The Blue Earth Historical Society had another pub crawl but this was a bit different than the last. Instead of going from establishment to establishment we went to the City Center hotel in Mankato. They had 3 party rooms set up with different themes consisting of 5 cups (beer stein, wine glass, tin cup, teacup and punch cup). Each room had a character dressed up explaining that history as it pertains to Minnesota River Valley, beverages and fantastic appetizers.

1st room - speaker and accordian player. Morgan Creek, Indian Island Winery and Fieldstone Vineyeards each had a table set up for wine tasting.

2nd room - Schell's brewery and Harbo hard Cider & cheese. Tim Harbo is a classmate and close friend of ours so it was great to see him. He brought cheese to sell and it was a hit. Ladies were laughing about how heavy their purses were because of the cheese they bought :)

3rd room - Moonshine in tin cup, tea and spiked punch

We always have a great time at these events even though we are usually among the youngest in the group. Yes, I would say average age is late 40's. That's not a bad thing at all I just wish our generation would be interested in the event. It is a good mix of learning and enjoying some cocktails! At the end of the evening, BECHS hands out a packet of coupons and information and this time we got this type of glass.

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