Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One more day until we see Tom Petty! We are so excited but will be weird not having Alayna since she will be spending the night at G&G Belgard's. When I dropped her off at daycare yesterday, Erica warned me that her daughter had been throwing up off and on. So far Alayna hasn't gotten that bug and hope it stays that way. Brad has a SB playoff game on Thursday night & Saturday we are going to Rochester to watch my dad and Brad play softball (1880 rules) which should be fun! They wear old time uniforms - it is quite entertaining. We have a family reunion over the weekend camping in GC and have to defend our title as Cowboy golf champs. Other than that nothing else is new - here are a couple pics of Al. Her hair is getting longer so we get to put in fun clips but she usually pulls them out, lol.

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