Sunday, August 3, 2008

This past week was fairly mellow....we took our dad's to the Twins game on Thursday and what a game! Coach Gardenhire got tossed, kicked his hat and then the fans started throwing their hats and other things on the field. Ozzie took the White Sox players off the field and the announcers threatened Twins fans with a forfeit. Finally they calmed down and the momentum of the game swung from the Twins being down 4-3 to winning 10-6 it was a great game! The next day my parents celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.

Friday I hung out with a friend and we stayed up talking until 2:00am! I haven't done that in such a long time. :-) Saturday, I took Alayna to the fair and had a great time. Brad worked all weekend and went to his friend's bachelor party on Saturday. They went to New Ulm to the paintball place and had an absolute BLAST! He has a few welts/bruises and was bit sore from Army crawling through the courses but it was well worth it.

Can't believe it is August --- the calendar is pretty full and there aren't many white boxes left.

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