Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Middle of August...what???

The past few weeks have been crazy busy! The SVC staff/family summer party was Friday the 13th, I took Alayna to the hog show at the Nicollet County Fair and when Brad got home from work the three of us went and enjoyed a cool Saturday night at the fair.

We had Alayna's preschool get together at the MN square park in St. Peter. She got to meet her teacher, get packet full of information, play at the park and have ice cream. She was so excited all day about it and when the registration lady asked her name she piped up, "I'm Alayna" but once she got to the teacher she was SUPER shy. Not sure why but on the ride home she said it was kinda scary. It usually takes her a while to warm up to people so I am guessing it was a bit much for her.

Thursday night we took her to a sibling class at Mankato Clinic. Each child was supposed to bring a doll or animal so she brought her pig. They learned about newborn babies, got to practice holding and feeding their baby and putting a diaper on them. She liked putting a diaper on her pig. We watched a video and then took a tour of the hospital room and saw a baby in the nursery. She learned a lot and is SO excited to be a big sister.

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