Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yep another fair!

Saturday morning Brad and I took Alayna to the Le Sueur County Fair. My cousin's youngest daughter is very active in horse games, pleasure and English riding and also won a trip to state with her sewing projects. We walked around for a while and left to get to Mankato by 2 to set up for another 1860's baseball game.

Brad got a bunch of guys together to host and play the Minneapolis/St. Paul Quicksteps in an old fashioned baseball game. The guys had a blast and hung with the Quicksteps a good portion of the game but couldn't bring in the runs and lost 13-5. We enjoyed supper at Applebee's with family and relaxed in the AC at home.

Sunday we went to church, had brunch at the cafe in Garden City and went to the fair again so Alayna could go on rides and we could check it out more since we weren't there long on Saturday.

A+ weekend that went too fast!

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