Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Hayride in December?

Heck ya! By far one of the best Christmas parties ever. Last Friday was our company Christmas party and yes the owners supplied the horses complete with bells and Christmas lights, hayrack and even drove the team of Belgians. Everyone boarded the hay rack, grabbed a cup of some concoction that had wine, spices and cider (I believe) and we took a tour of lights around St. Peter. It was a lot of fun and since we had several layers on the cold didn't bother us one bit! At that time, the weather was probably as good as it will get considering it is December in MN. We got back to Richard's Restaurant, had a nice social time and ate some excellent pork entrees. The rain/sleet had started so the owners were keeping a close eye on the road conditions. We picked our surprise gift grab bags and were encouraged to get home since the roads weren't the best. My bosses are very generous and I think I was most excited that the movie Toy Story 3 was in my bag because Alayna loves it. We figured it must have been a mistake but after asking my boss it was not. Brad and I were thrilled to take it home to her. It was a nice night for us to be out too ~ we laughed a lot!

Grandma & Grandpa took the girls to Christmas at the Rapidan Depot and had a nice time. They brought them back to our house so they could go to bed there instead of us driving all the way to Garden City to get them.

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